Lines of Loss

Not everyone is comfortable with emotion.

And yet others find catharsis in talking about them; it’s only in experiencing them that we can exorcise these griefs. It’s Toni Morrison’s rememory;¬†it’s Beloved’s ghost acknowledged and finally confronted.

So I thought I’d create a new place to contain all verses and thoughts and writings about loss, grief and love. I was thinking that having the main page clogged up with too much of the same thing does no favours for friends and guests who come to do this page in search of different things

I hope you find some solidarity and solace in these thoughts and these words.

Poetry & Shorter Lines

This Room
Glass Splinter
Shell (Moving House)
Help, Falling
Haikus on 2016

Fury (14 Lines)
To Fold an Origami Person
Just Like That
The Light of Words
A Man
Cooled Tea
Washing Machines

Essays & Longer Scrawls

On Emotion
The Problem with Immortality
A Reminder: You Will Never Be Alone




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