Your grief will never go away. A moment: an hour, a week, a month, a year, a decade. Time passes. You think it gets better. You climb up mountains full of knives and stacked with ghosts, and you think, there I’ve made it. You think you’ve conquered the grief, wrestled the demon and broken its […]

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Songs & Sentences

So why do you like her? Obvious as it sounds this was a question that used to stump me quite a good bit whenever I was in a relationship. I remember the earliest answer I generated, when someone asked me this question about my first girlfriend. With nearly a decade since of hindsight, I realise […]

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You must be a long time ago. So strange, isn’t it, that they give the same words to things that mean so differently, to colours that contrast, but cannot conjoin. Because the sky isn’t the same at midnight as it is at midday, because silky is a texture that is not the same as sapphire. […]

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Some time ago, I donned the (exoskeleton: long-sleeved shirt, dress pants, black shoes) appropriate carapace of a Working Adult for an interview. I watched a whole population mobilise blearily for work: that daily migration out from our little crannies, as predictable as watching the fruit-bats of Malaysian caves sweep out in great clouds every evening […]

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The Unexpected Trolley

(Singapore: 7.41am) Good morning, good morning, good morning, sings the unexpected trolley I don’t exactly understand her,but Then again, we should all Keep space in our hearts And light in our heads And songs in our souls for a good morning, good morning, good morning

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The Glittering Ocean

​From afar, the ocean can appear as a glimmering jewel, desirable and azure. It can look like all you ever wanted, all you never understood. But that is to see the ocean from afar. That is to see the blazing horizon at sunset, reflected in a mirror that is neither smooth nor certain.  The ocean […]

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​You sprinkle a cloud of water, and then you spray the sun through that airborne prism. Suddenly you get a technicolour serpent, arcing through the evening sky.  Then you blend it with the mood of your twilight, and you craft and weave it into a memory that will give your weary heart some strength. Who […]

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