Other Perfections

I almost did not write this entry. The inspiration for this piece started out simply enough: a friend sharing her experience with being the best she could be, and how that quite nearly drove her crazy. The quest to achieve a goal never stopped. It simply became an obsession with wanting to do better, because […]

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Letter to My Past Future Past

Dear Rz, life is going to suck. You’re 16 now, and being in Secondary Four, you think you’ve reached the top of the Food Chain.┬áSo it’s all very hard to imagine that life will go downhill from here on. You feel like you’re at the prime of your life. All you feel is a bright, […]

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The Hopelessness of a Humanities Education

The road less traveled is a lie. If you are reading this, you are either a humanities student yourself, or you came here to gloat and to confirm what you’ve always suspected about those students who have too much time on their hands, doing their “readings”. Or maybe not, since binaries are always so deceptive. […]

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Your grief will never go away. A moment: an hour, a week, a month, a year, a decade. Time passes. You think it gets better. You climb up mountains full of knives and stacked with ghosts, and you think, there I’ve made it. You think you’ve conquered the grief, wrestled the demon and broken its […]

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Songs & Sentences

So why do you like her? Obvious as it sounds this was a question that used to stump me quite a good bit whenever I was in a relationship. I remember the earliest answer I generated, when someone asked me this question about my first girlfriend. With nearly a decade since of hindsight, I realise […]

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You must be a long time ago. So strange, isn’t it, that they give the same words to things that mean so differently, to colours that contrast, but cannot conjoin. Because the sky isn’t the same at midnight as it is at midday, because silky is a texture that is not the same as sapphire. […]

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Some time ago, I donned the (exoskeleton: long-sleeved shirt, dress pants, black shoes) appropriate carapace of a Working Adult for an interview. I watched a whole population mobilise blearily for work: that daily migration out from our little crannies, as predictable as watching the fruit-bats of Malaysian caves sweep out in great clouds every evening […]

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