The Great Affair

Why do we travel?  About three weeks ago, after much deliberation, hemming and hawing, I embarked on a trip. Contextualising it in the time frame of other friends who were also going overseas at the time,  my trip may have been mistaken (by others and myself) for what is commonly understood these days as a […]

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The Odysseys of Little Things

I sat next to this pen at the busstop. We didn’t have much of a conversation, but I wondered what stories it had to tell, if only I’d asked the right questions: whose hands had cradled it, through long puzzled hours; and then, in a pique of absentmindedness, had left it behind? What places had […]

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First Firsts: Solo in Brussels

My first “real” solo sojourn, under my own power, took place 10,000km from my sunny Singaporean home. It was my first time on the so-called Old Continent, Europe, as part of a university semester on exchange, in the beautiful Dutch city of Utrecht (more on that one day). On only my second weekend in The […]

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Lost in Istanbul

‚ÄčOne time, whilst travelling, I got lost in the streets of Istanbul. I think I am so much the better for it.  Having arrived one day earlier than the rest of the Singapore delegation, (we were here on an academic trip, known as the “Inter-civilisational Dialogue”), I had a bit of time to myself in […]

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