What is Love I: Starting Again

What is love? Everyone has an answer, some less fruity than others. I have considered the cynics and the romantics. Our material culture is saturated with a desperate emptiness, singing of an answer called Love. I have heard the songs, I have watched the films, promising utopias of Happily Ever After. And then, occasionally, I […]

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Sunday Afternoon Ruminations

Hello! You may not remember me; I barely remember myself, but hello! It’s been awhile since I have written, due to a combination of sloth, procrastination, other interests, and interesting people in my life. I had initially thought of launching back into another entry, but I thought too long a time has elapsed for me […]

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Celebration: A Birthday Reflection

I’ve never been good with birthdays. What are you supposed to do on your birthday? I blame my parents. They are very unenthusiastic people when it comes to following social conventions. I always empathised with Scout Finch when she complained that Atticus wasn’t like other dads who drank or smoked or (in my case) watched football […]

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The Secret to Talking to Girls

I am a Tinder veteran. Naturally this throws up many inconvenient questions in a Singaporean milieu that is (or rather, pretends to be) conservative. I’ve been on Tinder for about a year now, after having joined this app out of curiosity – the anthropological kind, and the schoolboy’s kind. I mean, I have to first […]

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The Curse of Optimism

The problem with me is that I don’t give up. No, i don’t mean that in a humble-bragging kind of way. There’s supposed to be an element of underlying awe, respect and homage paid to someone when you say that a person doesn’t know when they’re beaten. This isn’t it. The problem with me is […]

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