A Meditation on the Meaningless

Why would you do such silly things? Why would you still continue doing them? Why would you stay up til the early hours of the morning drawing something that is going to be ugly anyway? Why would you spend the precious hours of your precious weekend volunteering at an animal shelter that isn’t going to earn you any CIP […]

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Come Celebrate with Me: A Birthday Post

So what do you do on your birthdays? As the minutes and the seconds creep toward, and then undramatically, boringly, past zero-hour, as I turn 26 (ah… there, we just clicked/slid/ticked into 6 February 2018), I can’t help but wonder what I’m supposed to feel. It’s always like that with societally-sanctioned celebrations and milestones for […]

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On Happiness: Reflections on a New Year

New year resolutions? Anybody? Ahhhh, it’s that annual dilemma, one of many that confronts the wet-blankets (over)thinking, hyper-aware person emplaced in any societal context: do I give in to festive pressure, or do I resist, vocally; or do I simply walk away from the whole charade, or do I pretend to resist but submit in […]

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The Holy & the Broken: Reflections on an Old Year

So, let me ask dutifully, because i’ve run out of things to ask, how was your 2017? I think you’re here to read something hopefully and obliquely and vaguely meaningful, not a check list of what went well and what went wrong… The Tibia in the Closet So let me tell you about my valiant […]

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On Reunions: The Snug Sock and the Clutched Straw

What was your most awkward reunion this year? Reunions and catch-ups are strange things, and grow stranger the older I get. Somewhere along the dim marches of the past, you shared in an experience with a group of people, for a period of time. That time passes: there is a plot twist or a road-fork […]

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Other Perfections

I almost did not write this entry. The inspiration for this piece started out simply enough: a friend sharing her experience with being the best she could be, and how that quite nearly drove her crazy. The quest to achieve a goal never stopped. It simply became an obsession with wanting to do better, because […]

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On Ignorance

I am getting boring. I think the curse (and blessing) of spending too long in any one context is that you get too used to its norms. You get socialized into what’s expected of you: not only in what you say, how you say it; not only in how you act, and why you act. […]

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