Other Singapore Stories

What does the history of a Zoological Garden have to do with the history of a Garden City? Over the course of the past months and weeks, several of my friends have been asking to read excerpts of the Honours Thesis which I have written. While I am deeply flattered by the attention, I cannot […]

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The Little Stories in a Surrender

​​74 years and several hours ago, Lieutenant General A.E. Percival and his staff, exhausted, spent and broken, conceded Singapore to the forceful and brilliant General Tomoyuki Yamashita, after a breathtaking campaign that was supposed to have lasted 100 days, but took only 70.  The “impregnable fortress” is a rather ripe term for the British to […]

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Flying Solo: a short story

HY4227: Sources of Singaporean History was one of the weird, incredibly enjoyable classes I took as a History major at NUS. By zeroing in on just ONE year in Singaporean history, and using every source we could reasonably locate about the year, we were tasked to research on, and present our findings about selected topics […]

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