Animals of the Everyday: Encounters and Experiences in 1930 Singapore

On the morning of 7 October 1930, three Chinese women rubber tappers working on “Puloe Tekong” were badly mauled by a “wild beast”, which was either a bear, or an “unusually large” black panther. A European resident on the island later said that he had seen a panther swimming to the island from Johore several […]

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How I Became a History Major

I never wanted to major in History. Preamble Sure, it was fun to read about wars and aeroplanes in books. I first learnt about the Cold War through the various cool jet fighters I was crazy about as a child. I first encountered jet fighters through the World War Two fighter planes in a comic […]

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What is Love I: Starting Again

What is love? Everyone has an answer, some less fruity than others. I have considered the cynics and the romantics. Our material culture is saturated with a desperate emptiness, singing of an answer called Love. I have heard the songs, I have watched the films, promising utopias of Happily Ever After. And then, occasionally, I […]

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A Work in Progress

Perhaps we are all metaphors of ourselves. Perhaps we start life like sketches, which slowly get filled with with daubs and washes of colour – huge blobs of primary colours, two-dimensional and flat. And then as we progress life anoints us with some shadow and nuance, so we don’t rust so much as weather; we […]

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Confessions of a Frightened Wanderer

“So…what are you going to do after you graduate?” In all honesty, I am a little tired, and more than a bit terrified of this query. One cannot help but feel a little tired past the sixty-fifth or so time being asked this same question, so I decided to lay it out in a post. […]

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Sunday Afternoon Ruminations

Hello! You may not remember me; I barely remember myself, but hello! It’s been awhile since I have written, due to a combination of sloth, procrastination, other interests, and interesting people in my life. I had initially thought of launching back into another entry, but I thought too long a time has elapsed for me […]

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