You must be a long time ago. So strange, isn’t it, that they give the same words to things that mean so differently, to colours that contrast, but cannot conjoin. Because the sky isn’t the same at midnight as it is at midday, because silky is a texture that is not the same as sapphire. […]

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The Rocks & Rivers of History

In which a comet learns another way to travel back in time. We are very used to thinking as history as static, objective accounts. We are used to thinking that the┬áhistory printed in textbooks, or performed at parades, or curated at exhibitions, as authoritative, definitive versions of the past. It must be true if it […]

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Other Singapore Stories

What does the history of a Zoological Garden have to do with the history of a Garden City? Over the course of the past months and weeks, several of my friends have been asking to read excerpts of the Honours Thesis which I have written. While I am deeply flattered by the attention, I cannot […]

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