The Odysseys of Little Things

I sat next to this pen at the busstop. We didn’t have much of a conversation, but I wondered what stories it had to tell, if only I’d asked the right questions: whose hands had cradled it, through long puzzled hours; and then, in a pique of absentmindedness, had left it behind? What places had […]

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USP Lives: Open Day Thoughts

Every year on the NUS Open Day, I seriously question why I bother burning a whole Saturday walking around NUS telling prospective students and worried parents about the University Scholars Programmer (USP) as a USP Ambassador. Every year, the answer becomes clearer, as I continually refine and sharpen my responses to unconvinced army boys, xiaomeimeis, […]

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First Forays: A Weekend in Belgium

On only my second day in Belgium, i was supposed to mooch around the capital staring at dinosaur skeletons and Egyptian mummies going WAAAAOOWWW. This was my original plan, any way. Instead, overhearing how Brugge and Ghent could be done in a day at my hotel’s reception triggered a crazy ODAC-style day of mad rushing, […]

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Speaking to Ancestors: Dialogue with a Younger Self

Would your 17-year old self be proud of you today? It’s certainly sounds like one of those Buzzfeed, Trash ThoughtCatalog kind of articles. You know: the ones where you take a quiz, or some half-baked writer who thinks s/he can string together a sentence deigns to prescribe to you ‘How You Should Live Your Life’, […]

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