The Godzillas of my Childhood

The Godzilla of my childhood was a strange animal.

On one hand, someone had given me a muscular, dark green creature along with the three-headed, silver King Ghidorah. They featured in noisy, afternoon battles on the cold floor of my childhood flat, while I was supposed to be sleeping (complete with lots of saliva-making sound effects). After a while my parents gave up trying to make me take my siesta. I had lots of fun with this Godzilla, which smelled so strongly of plastic.

Then there’s the slim, prowling hunter of the American blockbuster, which tanked at the box office but went on to spin off a very interesting animated TV series. That was the other Godzilla of my childhood afternoons. It was glorious. I’d rush to my grandma’s house just to watch this beautiful creature duke it out with other ugly monsters.


On the subject of kaijus, I decided to go to a Godzilla I’d not met until recently, the 2014 American incarnation of this beast. I’ve to confess I’m not aesthetically taken by it, and I concur with some Japanese commentators who had cheekily derided it as one which had “eaten too many Big Macs”.

Edit: It has been pointed out to me that I need to watch the 2016 Japanese iteration. I shall do that soon and add one more kaiju to my cultural repertoire.

Look at this fatty

It was nonetheless a good exercise in drawing a beast from the classical canon of pop culture, this hybrid of eastern and western nodes of popular imaginations, born out of the anxieties of the nuclear age.


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