The Glittering Ocean

​From afar, the ocean can appear as a glimmering jewel, desirable and azure. It can look like all you ever wanted, all you never understood. But that is to see the ocean from afar. That is to see the blazing horizon at sunset, reflected in a mirror that is neither smooth nor certain. 

The ocean is not calm nor placid, and you only realise this, perhaps too late, when you float on the surface of its immeasurable depth. There are undercurrents and tempests beneath its mirror smile. There are creatures in the abyss. It is vast and uncharted; unchartable. Don’t take a ship unprepared into the ocean. It is dangerous. 

The glittering ocean is not the shimmer of gemstones. They are etched shards of light, hurled from the sun’s rays and broken on the hard, swirling surface of this unstable mirror. It is not a story to pass on. It is not an ocean to swim in.


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