Lost in Istanbul

​One time, whilst travelling, I got lost in the streets of Istanbul. I think I am so much the better for it. 

Having arrived one day earlier than the rest of the Singapore delegation, (we were here on an academic trip, known as the “Inter-civilisational Dialogue”), I had a bit of time to myself in the morning to explore the city.

In a roundabout fashion, while trying to find a path to the sea (which I had caught sight of while lost) I wandered, completely unaware, into the Sultanahmet Mosque – which I only later realised was the Blue Mosque.

My meanderings brought me next to Galata Bridge – and boy was it amazing to catch sight of the gulf that divided Asia and Europe. 

It’s wonderful and magical to be lost; more so in a city as messy and old as Istanbul, where every corner holds another staggering surprise. 

I like to think life happens in this manner: you seek, you (get) lost; and just when you think all has been forsaken and forgotten, you take a ‘wrong’ turn – and suddenly you see that things work out after all. That it was because of your mistakes, rather than in spite of them, that you came into yourself – strong and vital and beautiful.

To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure. | Freya Stark


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