Small Gods & Great Trees

Singapore in late July brings with it a refreshing, rainy coolness that is wonderful to sit amidst.

In Prague, in Rome,  I was continually inspired by giants to sit down and sketch; I never expected to be similarly charmed and moved amidst the concrete valleys of Singapore.

But returning from a visit to my Hougang Ahma, this towering Sea Almond (Terminalia catappa) sat me down gently to tell me her story: in the splendid starbursts of her branches and leaves, and darkened faultlines of her weathered bark.

We talk about our Pioneer Generation and we give our grandparents some money and we feel good about ourselves. Sometimes I think we forget that there are other silent giants we have forgotten in our shiny noisy wakes: the small gods and great trees we have cut down in our incessant quest for Prosperity and Progress for Our Nation.


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