First Firsts: Solo in Brussels

My first “real” solo sojourn, under my own power, took place 10,000km from my sunny Singaporean home. It was my first time on the so-called Old Continent, Europe, as part of a university semester on exchange, in the beautiful Dutch city of Utrecht (more on that one day). On only my second weekend in The […]

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Lost in Istanbul

​One time, whilst travelling, I got lost in the streets of Istanbul. I think I am so much the better for it.  Having arrived one day earlier than the rest of the Singapore delegation, (we were here on an academic trip, known as the “Inter-civilisational Dialogue”), I had a bit of time to myself in […]

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​You sprinkle a cloud of water, and then you spray the sun through that airborne prism. Suddenly you get a technicolour serpent, arcing through the evening sky.  Then you blend it with the mood of your twilight, and you craft and weave it into a memory that will give your weary heart some strength. Who […]

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I’ll Make It!

​This morning I woke with a coldness in my heart, but I was also resolute. There is a very long and jagged road ahead, but  I have seen sunrises on the mountains before, dawn breaking after the long cold night. I remember the joy of the bright day. I know the sun must set to […]

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I believe there is virtue in vulnerability The ability to open, and open again The way the mouth must, in order for us To nourish ourselves, to make and re-make And yet what must it be like, To carry so much upon your Self: To bear a Galaxy glowing in your pocket To hold a […]

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Small Gods & Great Trees

Singapore in late July brings with it a refreshing, rainy coolness that is wonderful to sit amidst. In Prague, in Rome,  I was continually inspired by giants to sit down and sketch; I never expected to be similarly charmed and moved amidst the concrete valleys of Singapore. But returning from a visit to my Hougang […]

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