The Secret to Talking to Girls

I am a Tinder veteran. Naturally this throws up many inconvenient questions in a Singaporean milieu that is (or rather, pretends to be) conservative. I’ve been on Tinder for about a year now, after having joined this app out of curiosity – the anthropological kind, and the schoolboy’s kind. I mean, I have to first […]

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Too Much Time:

I started hand-washing my clothes again today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an unrealistic hippie with delusions about living in a pure communalistic society where everyone sings ‘Kumbaya’ in politically correct and culturally appropriate ways. In our family (and I’m guessing, most families) these days, we just tend to throw all our clothes into […]

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Let It Snow: Christmas Matters

I despise Christmas songs, with a vengeance. I used to hate Christmas too. But that’s one of the irritating things about growing up, alongside the myriad other unnerving things about growing up. You come back to an old itch or annoyance and you realise you can’t hate anything so much anymore. Because as you grow […]

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