The Paradox of the Present

“We can redream this world and make the dream come true. Human beings are gods hidden from themselves.” | Ben Okri

And when the youngest tip of your iceberg implodes in fiery chaos, remember that you are also the great, ancient bones of your old struggles, mountain-vast and dream-strong. We can be born anew from our tangled histories.

In rebirth, we must tell new stories of ourselves. Because the future is murky, one needs to draw from the deep wells of the past. These are the dark, clear pools of memory and experience, collected like so much underground spring water, distilled and purified by their journey through great mountains, after falling from the skies.

We draw our stories from the raw material of the past. To transcend the pain of the present we need to weave from dark materials, and recall a time before this devastation. It’s funny isn’t it, this paradox: to go beyond the present, to forge a new future, we need to draw into the past. I wonder, though, whether we do this everyday, unconsciously. Perhaps all our lives are an endless cycle of reaching back into memory, so that we can strike out even deeper into the future.

Today is Day One. Tomorrow might be Day Zero again, but we need to keep crawling until we are somewhere else from where we are right now. 



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