To Fold an Origami Person

To make an origami person
Is not an easy thing
Memories are not so easy to fold
And her breath on your skin
Is not a ghost you dare to hold
Compressing scent sinew and sin
Into two-dimensionality

The slide of ice-cubes over This Too Shall Pass
Sunflowers torn asunder arguing
About the colour of walls for a new nest and
Stitch bewildered every morning the flower
Cabbage that spilled over technicolour the
Scent and the press of your soap and the way
Her eyes would shift a face you could caption a
Song you could sing the sweetalker you rate
Between buns with fillings and men without
Between the strain and the sigh and the gasping
Of two souls cleaving together as one

To make an origami person
Is not an easy thing
You have to soak the memories in
Crimson anger, spectral and seething
Drying and hardening into the armour
The coat you must varnish so that her
Ghost on your skin is thinned to a distance
And the paper cuts cannot
Open new windows into your soul.

To make a person origami you need patience and some paper
To make an origami person takes a little longer
You must let the laughter fade you must let the tears shrivel
On your broken face and only then can you
Fold an origami person
into the safe darkness of the past


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