A Reminder: You Will Never Be Alone

I wanted to find a Mary Oliver quote, but I realised it wasn’t necessary. Some truths should and can be said in your own words. And my truth for today is that if you have seen the thunderstorm wash the rainforest; if you have watched the sun break quiet like an eggyolk atop a great mountain; if you have simply watched the sky bruise, break and afterwards beam – then you cannot ever truly be lonely again, even in the darkest of moments.

The groaning, weeping sky will console you. The constellations will ensweep and embrace you, unconditional in their firmament immensity. The gentle mimosa will move you with its fingernail tenderness, uncurling defiant and tenacious in the pavement cracks.

The roaring quiet of the universe: sweeping ponderously onward, unfurling certain and sure in ecstatic motion, will remind you that are not, you cannot, and you will never be alone in this lovely, loving dance of Creation. (Walking one round around McRitchie Reservoir talking about everything and anything with a torrential downpour drenching us is one of those rare, glorious, secret pleasures of life)

May 15, 2016


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