Flying Solo: a short story

HY4227: Sources of Singaporean History was one of the weird, incredibly enjoyable classes I took as a History major at NUS. By zeroing in on just ONE year in Singaporean history, and using every source we could reasonably locate about the year, we were tasked to research on, and present our findings about selected topics […]

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The Curse of Optimism

The problem with me is that I don’t give up. No, i don’t mean that in a humble-bragging kind of way. There’s supposed to be an element of underlying awe, respect and homage paid to someone when you say that a person doesn’t know when they’re beaten. This isn’t it. The problem with me is […]

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The Paradox of the Present

“We can redream this world and make the dream come true. Human beings are gods hidden from themselves.” | Ben Okri And when the youngest tip of your iceberg implodes in fiery chaos, remember that you are also the great, ancient bones of your old struggles, mountain-vast and dream-strong. We can be born anew from […]

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The Freedom of Resistance

I hope you disagree with me. This has, as usual, been an interesting week. I’ve learnt many things, and re-learned others. One of the things I have re-learned is a fact about myself: little things can get me down, and feeling things I should not be feeling. In this particular instance, it was an ambiguous […]

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The Vistas of Vientiane

After days of mountain roads and dusty towns, Vientiane poked out of the landscape like a haphazard vision of order and opulence. As far as capital cities go Vientiane (“Vieng-chang”) is a tidy and serene place. It’s like that agreeable friend in the background, always ready with an amiable opinion. A serene place to have […]

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Why We Climb

(The morning after) There is a familiar, gentle ache in my thighs, in my body, in the very navel of my spirit, like an old friend come to call. This is the reward of an eight-hour climb in the rainforest. Why do we climb? For some, it is a quiet opportunity to be with God; […]

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Sarajevo Fire: Of Pieces & Pyres

  Throwback Travel Story: It was in Bosnia that the Balkan Wars really cut me to the quick. The stories in Sarajevo captured my imagination; that grand old bridge in Mostar won my heart. I watched an exhibition and videos of the Srebenica massacres, and the story of a great, multicultural Yugoslavia ripped apart by […]

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