Just Like That

Something has gone out of the world today, i think; i feel
As I watch lofty clouds amble in the milky sapphire of the morning sky
As I sit in a lush emerald canopy bracketing the apricot glows of evening


Don’t ask the same questions, not even the old ones
This is simply savage beauty, writ large in the ruptures of our lives
Not the long queue, not the mannequin, not this false reunion
Not like that.

I only remember a bright and tender flame
Not long, not much
But still here

Just in the dawn blueness, just in the lantern-glow,
Cream and peach and lambent indigo;
Inkblot clouds against a salmon sky
Just in the evening, just in the sunset
Radiant shining everglow:
Just like that.

for two dear and good friends, one whom I knew only too briefly.
for Jerome


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