Old Heroes

  Do you still remember? A time when you were free: Proud and playful Aloft and arrogant Lively and lithe; Sunbright Wukong, defiant Lucifer And yet now you contemplate Being moulded and remade, Shaped like a story Bound and submitted Read like a book Eve taking the Fruit never Realised the wyrm inside Eating into […]

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Awarding the Ceremony

Apparently, you are the best there is in your small field in the Faculty. There isn’t anyone else. But to be the Very Best some One and some Thing needs to recognise you first, because a tree does not fall until someone hears it. And so in accepting glory and recognition you submit yourself to […]

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Try a Little Unkindness

This is may be unpopular. It may be unkind. Trigger warning: This article may even be an Opinion. By the time you read this the MC Elections may already have ended, and we would have our candidate-elects for this academic year. After a rather bruising (or bland, depending on how old you are) Q&A session, […]

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Question and Answer

From the fierce mustard the scarlet blooms Bloody ink unfolding in cold clearness I rank and range the thoughts, points sharp I loose my words into the air Wardogs sniffing and prowling Dark clouds clustered upon the peaks The calm hangs the quiet hangs Like a snapped neck swinging and murmurous This is the smell […]

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USP Lives: A Senior Laments

“This is déjà vu” Joey whispered exasperatedly to me. I was at what this year’s USP Question-and-Answer session for the upcoming Management Committee elections. Candidates who were foolish or ambitious enough to run would be quizzed and questioned by the USP community directly in this session. That was one idea, anyway. As someone else remarked […]

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Visions in the Desert

Have you walked in utter, dreaming silence before? On a romantic whim, I threw myself into a one week solo backpacking trip to Egypt whilst on exchange in Holland in May 2015. Egypt is an amazing place, but you must be ready for the hordes of touts and “tour-guides” which will descend upon you like […]

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