You Cannot Take a Stand

Written onrushing and never in the present the present is the present that we cannot accept even with the fullness of running rushing forwarding time welcome to Singapore where the rat race is a paceless marathon running and running down and also running away I cannot stand it but there is also nowhere to sit nowhere to sit in buses and trains too full of sad sardines so instead I will take a

en route to school, I wait.

I ask the bus its terraced storey
I listen to its longing moans
I sit inside the rainbow serpent
I quiver in its queasy guts

it must be lonesome, to weave the nation
in so many directions warp and weft
circle, downtown, up and down
East and Asian and the West
Right and leftist and the Richard Marxist

en route to life, I wait. 
I sit.

Written in the supposed spirit of Singapore, on the way back to school, always moving but never there. A poem i thought would be appropriate in light of the train breakdowns this morning.

Featured image from: By Seloloving (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



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