Last Word


We don’t agree with your account. Your narrative is inconsistent and repetitive; looping. Don’t get so emotional. In fact we would say your account is slanderous in the extreme. What other agendas do you have? Do you actually have the interests of Our People at heart? We think your bruises are not purple, only your words and intentions are, Miss. The truth is: the globe is a construct this land is level, and your tassels are nothing but inconvenient frayed threads from the tapestry we have woven. Can you feel it, the weight of our million feet stamping you even flatter? We ripped out the small gods and we ripped out their tongues, so that our young songs will cross and strain, uncomprehending. Just like the orchids. And we saw that this was good. They say “we are”, but they don’t understand MAJULAH. We don’t agree with your account, Miss. But this is your future. This is your life. This is your name. This is your age. So please: just look forward and go ahead. The rainbow is waiting.


Written as the sibling companion to an earlier poem, “Last Word” was intended this to be the Cain to the Abel that was “First Lady”. This was a very difficult poem to write, for Singpowrimo, trying to jump through hoops to fit the prompt requirements, which were:

Write a poem in the first person plural, i.e. “we”, with a minimum word count of 70. Contain this poem to a single, unbroken stanza with no line breaks, using at least one of the following words: LOOP, PURPLE, GLOBE, TASSEL, STAMPING.

CHALLENGE: Use all five words.

But I liked the end product. Leave a note and tell me what you think!


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