That one time I was featured in an art website. i was really humbled and astonished to have been chosen! It’s been a while and I’ve gotten a little better since….thank you once again to Charlie for this privilege!


Doodlewash by Choo Ruizhi

Hello! My name is Choo Ruizhi (follow me on Instagram!), and I’m a third-year History undergraduate from the National University of Singapore and I like to listen to stories. I think every rock and tree and creature has a story, and it’s pretty cool to sit and listen to the universe sometimes. 

Sketch by Choo RuizhiI’ve never actively thought of my “creative process”, because sketching and painting was something I did simply to clear my mind, and to slow down an often harried, anxious spirit. I gave it some thought, and I think instead of inflicting on readers a soppy life recount, here are just some things that are central to my doodles! 

Doodlewash by Choo Ruizhi1. I am messy… am messy and wild as you can. How are supernovas going to blossom if you’re only forever concerned about drawing a perfect circle and colouring within the lines? Chaos has a beauty unto…

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