The Line Returning to Itself

Singpowrimo 2016, Day 5 Prompt
Today, you are simply asked to write a poem that states the things you know to be true.

Extended, the line opens into infinity
Now I can’t guess what I am supposed to say

I know only all
I know full zeros empty circles
Tender minefields broken eggs

But come now: listen.
I know too the sigh of the lingering light
The earth dampness of the new rain
Okay, now.
I know only all I know:
Extended, the line returning to itself.

Since i wrote this in April, so many things have changed. And today of all days, many things changed. I came back to this poem today and read it in a completely different light.

I know only all i know; yet all i know has changed –
Yet it is still the line returning to itself:
the dervish still spinning in his devotion
The circle and spiral closing into one. 


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