Cooled Tea

This morning i bring you another poem written for Singpowrimo 2016. It is one of my favourites, and was hatched out of simply the first thing at hand on my desk when i saw the prompt. I love the colour of tea. It is so rich and so complex; a million different hues blending and mixing and changing by the very angle of the light. Let’s not even get started on the flavours….

Anyway, here was the prompt –

  1. Take out a blank sheet of paper.
    2. Write a noun in the centre, and circle it.
    3. Choose a word that offers a concrete image, like “sunflower seed” or “rope bridge”. Avoid abstractions like “beauty” or “freedom”. 
    4. Create a POETRY MIND MAP, by writing down at least SEVEN different words that you can think of from your chosen noun. 
    5. The further the association, the better. 
    6. Write a poem that features all of these words.

Bonus Challenge A: Think of FOURTEEN different words.
Bonus Challenge B: Make it a sonnet.
Bonus Challenge C: Avoid end rhymes.

….and here is the Poem. It is about tea, but it isn’t about tea either:

Cooled Tea

Suddenly you remember, that corner at your desk
Porcelain palm holding a paper fist of weeping leaves
Soaking in a bath of rusted water:
Let it sit, was the advice, let it steep

An envelope of shrivelled, crinkled letters
Collected from some distant highland
An uncovered mouth, open to the skies
Smoothed and fired, birthed in a dragonsthroat
Place the enveloped words in the open mouth.
Pour the boiling ocean in. Let it sit. Let it steep.

You cannot drink hot tea it will scald your tongue
You must leave it aside and wait for it to cool
Let it sit let it sleep: Suddenly you forget
Maybe cooled tea is better poured away



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