You Cannot Take a Stand

Written onrushing and never in the present the present is the present that we cannot accept even with the fullness of running rushing forwarding time welcome to Singapore where the rat race is a paceless marathon running and running down and also running away I cannot stand it but there is also nowhere to sit […]

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Drinking in the Dawn

“How could there be a day in your whole life that doesn’t have a splash of happiness?” –  Mary Oliver 149.6 million kilometres from the fiery furious nuclear forge of the sun 8 minutes streaking across the abyssal darkness To wash and break all across the expanse of the morning to fragment and dissolve like […]

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Last Word

OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO AN ORAL HISTORY We don’t agree with your account. Your narrative is inconsistent and repetitive; looping. Don’t get so emotional. In fact we would say your account is slanderous in the extreme. What other agendas do you have? Do you actually have the interests of Our People at heart? We think your […]

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Second Runs & Bright Torches

Are you serious? In the past 24 hours, I have asked myself, and been asked this more than a few times. Why so? Well, less than 24 hours ago I submitted my application for the captaincy of Ursaia (Green) House for the second time in four years. For a bit of context, the House Captain […]

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First Lady

Yes, that’s my name today. No, I’m actually older than that, sorry. Closer to 700. No, not 51. Yes, thank you, I know it’s a new look. No, it isn’t a new dress. I borrowed it from someone else. Yes, but then we split.  No, but it wasn’t my decision. Spilt milk, and all that. […]

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That one time I was featured in an art website. i was really humbled and astonished to have been chosen! It’s been a while and I’ve gotten a little better since….thank you once again to Charlie for this privilege! Doodlewash® Hello! My name is Choo Ruizhi (follow me on Instagram!), and I’m a third-year History […]

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