Mount Endurance: We Did It!

“Others say we’re crazy, but we say we’re so lucky” | CJC ODAC song

Hello readers!

As mentioned previously, and in case you were wondering if I had vanished, I’ve been away the past week on a mountain trek in the Malaysian state of Pahang. The 7 of us from CJC ODAC Batch 12 were on the longest expedition of our very young mountain-trekking experiences. We spent 5 very bruising, very long, but immensely satisfying days in the jungle.

As the secretary of this motley crew, I’m in the midst of generating the Secretary Report for the trip (‘hard’), which will be up shortly, along with potentially teary, meandering reflections on mountain-climbing, friendship and adventure (‘soft’). I want to write a good story worthy of this special group of friends I have known since 2009.

As i realised last night starting on the Report, there are many faces and aspects to this story. It will take some time to craft. But in the meantime, here are some highlights, and a few pictures of our journey. More to come soon!

It’s easy to look at the pictures now in a dry, cool room, shrug and say “cool story bro”. I know because I’m feeling that way too. It staggers me a bit to know that I was on the roof of peninsular Malaysia just about a week ago. Here’s a short preview of our crazy adventure (and by many standards, it was quite the crazy adventure):

  • 7-day itinerary initially shortened to 6 days, then later to 5. Just because we were slow and steady.
  • Climbing through slippery jungle trails on the first day in slippers
  • Realising that Japanese curry, soba and pasta with chicken floss are actually amazing meal options even on the mountain
  • Leeches. Oh, so many many leeches.
  • Eight river crossings full of exuberant currents and slippery rocks
  • Near-vertical descents down rock-faces with the help of laddders (how did they even get ladders up there in the first place??)

So, this is a filler/teaser post. Watch this space for the full, complete Secretary Report!

In the meantime, if my post has stoked your curiosity about Gunung Tahan, you can read this account first, which helped us a lot in our planning for this trip, and provided much-needed guidance, support and encouragement when we were trekking through the jungle.



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