Obligatory Introductions

Hello! My maiden post. A historic occasion which I will continually return to and edit, because a story of the past is a reflection of the present. This is the second time i am editing my first post, since the first attempt at the first attempt was so clumsy.

I have about ten to fifteen minutes before something else catches my attention span and I go and worry about it, so I shall rush something out to say HELLO to my non-existent reading audience instead of pouring all my previous works and thoughts here.

Anyway, HELLO!

The last time I had a blog was in the ancient age of Friendster. I think the link still exists somewhere on the interwebs, and one day I shall go and kill it decisively. But I have decided to come out of this Long Hibernation because I thought it would be nice to have a place where people could read some of my opinions, seeing as I have gained a modest traction on Facebook, and seeing as I intend to have a career where I can enjoy what I seem to be doing pretty well at, at the moment – i.e. writing. This page is thus, hereby, heretofore intended as a showcase or an informal portfolio of my past and present and future writings. I also figured that as with all things I am unsure of, but am curious about, the best way into the thing is to dive into it, and see what kind of mess emerges.

I can’t do formal, I can’t do regimented; like Delirium of the Endless, I am hopelessly scruffy and all previous attempts at maintaining a clean, neat, classy bearing usually dissolve and disintegrate into a technicolour mess – thus the MUJI minimalist aesthetic, the New Urban Metrosexual is beyond me after a point, because I simply can’t be fucked.But here is the second or the third attempt at commitment – well, at least as far as keeping an online journal is concerned. Commitment issues can be written about another time.

So hello to you, dear reader familiar and unfamiliar, friend and stranger. This is the text incarnation of @mantarui and @messy_lines. I am certainly not an artist by any professional measure; I am also an astronomical distance from being a poet or a wordsmith, no matter what pithy patronising words some random poet at a poetry workshop may say. This is just Rui, and his words. Are you ready? I’m certainly not, but too bad for you, here’s my latest foray into self-indulgent social media.


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