Small Gods and Other Singapores

“If you don’t have humans, you can’t have gods” When I can, I like talking to my grandma about the gods, deities and spirits of her Chinese cosmos. When she speaks, worlds blur. The rational//supernatural divide that has been soldered so deeply into me loosens, unwinds. Gods will bicker if you place too many of […]

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An Avocado Reminder

It takes a long time to become anything; it takes even longer to become yourself. Sometimes you must first be consumed: eaten and chewed and spat out. And then, if you are un/lucky, you are scooped out. Your seed coat is peeled and scratched off. And then for weeks and months – nothing happens. For […]

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A Meditation on the Meaningless

Why would you do such silly things? Why would you still continue doing them? Why would you stay up til the early hours of the morning drawing something that is going to be ugly anyway? Why would you spend the precious hours of your precious weekend volunteering at an animal shelter that isn’t going to earn you any CIP […]

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